AID-Tes is a software solution designed to improve laboratories with accurate qPCR results. 

Our mission is to make laboratories efficient, cost effective and accurate. We do this by working closely with health and research institutes to start, grow and transform use of technologies with machine learning based diagnostics to improve health care services.

COVID-19 diagnostic tests are done using the qPCR technique, aimed to identify pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and other diseases by looking for known DNA (or RNA) sequences in samples. It is the only method for reliably identifying COVID-19 and so is used in all reliable test kits.

AID can takes any assay in the menu, for any qPCR device, and enables to turn data into actionable & standardized results in seconds.

In the current Covid situation, our solutions saves valuable time in labs by analyzing results generating insights.

We have created a friendly user interface built for clinical laboratory technicians, a solution they can rely on its accurate interpretation and visualization tools for validations.